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Your academic advisor is your primary liaison to your degree program.

Consult with your advisor throughout your college career to determine which classes to take each semester and stay on track to graduate.

The advising session for continuing students occurs in March for summer/fall and in October for spring. During this time advisors are available for advising for these semesters. After the three-week advising session, advisors are available, by appointment only, until the last day of classes for the semester.

Advising during the intersession period for transfer and re-entry students is done in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Human Development & Family Science or dean's office. Continuing students who did not take advantage of the pre-registration advising session must wait until advisors return to the department at the beginning of the semester.

To find out who your particular advisor is, log on to ULink and click on the Academics tab. There will be a box with your personal academic information, and your advisor will be listed at the bottom of the box. Or if you have not been assigned an advisor yet please contact the main office at the following email: